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1、  墙体薄,完成后最薄的仅有 9cm

Thinner: The thickness of a finished wall is only 9cm.

2、  自重较轻, 9cm完成后9296 Kg/平方米。

Lighter: The average weight of the Lianggu wall is only 92 ~96 kg/m2.

3、  防火性能高,9cm超过2小时以上。

Fire rated: The Lianggu wall at 9cm thickness can provide over 2.82 hours fire rated performance.

4、  高强度:工字型结构,单点吊挂80kg及撞击(30 Kg沙包撞击5次,均无贯通裂痕)。

Higher strength: The Lianggu wall with a stronger structure has a maximum 80kg pulling strength and it can withstand at least 5 times impact by 30kg sand bags. 

5、  隔音效果好: 9 cm43分贝,10 cm47分贝,16 cm 52分贝,20 cm59分贝。

Better acoustic insulation: 9cm wall – 43db; 10cm wall – 47db; 16cm – 52db; 20 – 59db.

6、  预埋水电、管线极其方便,不用开槽,该产品表面特有的凹槽设计,进行预埋即可。

Easier installation: The special designed trench to fit wire and pipes on the surface of the Lianggu wall makes it extremely convenient for building service installation.

7、  造型随意,满足设计人员的需要,不论是弧型、S型或其他异型均可轻松完成。

Shape freely: Lianggu wall is engineered to be able to shape in arc, S or other type of forms to facilitate different architectural requirements.

8、  避免墙体开裂,中空内模是一种连续的金属网,阻断拉拔力,从根本上解决开裂问题。

Less cracking: The hollow section and metal net internal surface design can perfectly stop the Lianggu wall from cracking, which is one of the most common issues of any wall panel system.

9、  外墙绝对优势;施工速度快,外墙基墙和保温层一次性施工。

Faster construction: The integrated structure of the Lianggu wall enable the insulation and the wall panel to be constructed together in one time.

10 、改变世界的发明创造,外墙保温层永不脱落,无维护费用。

   Lower maintaining: The evolutionary innovation of Lianggu wall has solved the insulation layer drop off from the external of the wall with a much lower maintaining cost, which is known as a wide spreading technical issue of the building wall systems in China.